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Russian women differ

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The taste of Russian women is the subject of endless debates: watching a beautiful Russian woman in the street, foreigners will notice her stilettos, the Russians are snow or frost, while others will focus their attention on the leading character of his outfit, that Russian men (and others too for that matter) will appreciate naturally.

The question of fashion in Russia is very controversial. Russia Today asked the renowned Russian designer Vlad Lissovets help us determine what it is like Russian women. Vlad Lissovets has its own beauty salons in Russia and counts among its clients many stars of Russian show business.

"European women are very free in their clothing choices, says Vlad. The outfits of European women often contain a certain disorder, giving them a touch of charm and simplicity. This is precisely what is lacking in Russian women, who often take refuge in extremes, either by choosing outfits too short and too sexy or too gray, or else choosing too garish colors: lacquer, polished, everything is akin to bad taste. "

Some Russian women, according to the designer, live in the past, which is evident in their hair cut or sewing their clothes. "Our women love voluminous hairstyles, spend time а put their hair in shape, and often exaggerate with makeup. Of course, it's always nice when a woman takes care of her and tries to be nice, but UaDreams should always remember that the day of makeup should be distinguished from that evening. And same goes for hair. "

Russian women should follow the more casual style of European and not to be locked in frames, considers Lissovets. "Among the accessories а favor, elegant shoes whose heels can also be high or low, and one or two sober bags for all occasions. Of course, in Russia, a tight coat and warm accessories - scarves, hats or caps - are simply indispensable. "

Last Question stylist: that Russians or European are the most attractive? "I am attracted by the carefree faces of European women, their ability to frank smile, which puts more comfortable. I like their style "relax" their greater freedom in the choice of clothes, their simplicity and lack of aggressiveness. "

Finally, here is what the wardrobe of a Russian woman who wants to be "in fashion" this winter, must contain:

• Several short, tight pants (black, burgundy, emerald, navy blue and mustard).

• Comfortable boots with low heels (preferably in red tones).

• A wool scarf which, like the pants can be burgundy, mustard or emerald (but it is not imperative that the color of the scarf matches the color of pants).

• loose hair, recklessly, in a fur hat and a light hat.



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