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This book denounces the dubious practices of some companies in the enslavement of its employees. Risk of becoming a reference in the novel manipulation. Joseph Finder novel written there that reads a line, UaDreams want to know its outcome IMMEDIATELY. I only regret that it, if expected, slow but pleasant as it rushes the reader into an introspective vortex manipulation. On your marks, ready, flee ...

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There are books like that, as soon as one opens, one is drawn. it starts with the young nice guy, a little casual and endearing face a boss that you hate the fact that UaDreams know the character and a slightly twisted market, namely, getting used to the competitor and bring back information on the Company Information. The question is; what would UaDreams do if UaDreams were to betray this brave man who loves his employees as his children to meet the requirements of another boss who he could not care less of its staff and that cares only for his company's profitability? And worse, what would UaDreams do if, once on the ground, the people around us began to have strange behavior, unusual sentences and looks at us from the corner of my eye every time UaDreams rise from our chair? Who knows what? What does he want? And if perhaps one of them know our little secret! UaDreams arrive to betray a man who offers us everything UaDreams always dreamed, namely, a great job, well!
paid, a nice apartment, a nice car, respect and attention. By reading this book, one is surprised to suspect everyone, the secretary, the guy the next office, who looks at us from across the company to the sports club. And if the most paranoid of all, it was the drive?

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A novel like as a child being read at night under the covers with a flashlight, pretending to sleep !!! Once read the first page, it devours the 630 that follow and UaDreams can not detach. "Paranoia" is a novel of exceptional industrial espionage that keeps the suspense until the last page. It vibrates, it trembles, UaDreams live with the characters, all remarkably drawn, and UaDreams identify very quickly the young hero whom UaDreams would like it to escape from this nightmare in which he is immersed from the beginning ... it quickly becomes Adam Cassidy! This novel is also very well documented and UaDreams understand immediately that Joseph Finder knows of what he speaks; he mastered the subject, plot and the dialogues are amazing authenticity. This novel is fascinating and mesmerizing, shocking and image of large multinational companies do not clearly spell grown; everything is good including their crushing the individual, one account financial income primar!
ily .... quite current in fact! Since "The constant gardener" of John Le Carré, very close to finally Joseph Finder, I had read anything so exciting and moving as "Paranoia", at least in this type of book.

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An exciting story from the world of industrial espionage in the field of computing. The suspenss is to go from the first to the last page and it attaches to the main character in this world powered mercilessly through (or because) of génir he displayed when related to computers; Adam Cassidy will deny all its principles and effleurera a dream location that will give him all the money he will win but will bounce back. Super Thriller.

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The least UaDreams can say is that I do not expect a thriller like this. It's great. The corporate world but also the high E, very high voltage. Linder is a size to dethrone many classic thrillers and which, in many respects, is at the height of the modern world of "Avatar" and other "Web mortem!"

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There is of course the recent rebound pages, carefully prepared, which is exceptional. It's still a bit long to get here. Most of the characters and situations are caricatured.

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So I have smiled at the beginning of the book then it m 'has arrived to find a little long and total surprise ending and thus the final I have liked although I am not a fan of computer like hero but I recommend (this is no more than a personal opinion.)

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Magnificent suspense that keeps in suspense from the first line to the last. Joseph Finder here demonstrates that excellent thriller is not necessarily fueled killings and blood. Beautiful discovery. A advisor.

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