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Russian women differ

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  • The "Made in Russia" as a principle of development

  • Adidas launched a collection in collaboration with a Russian designer

  • Dolce & Gabbana created his first collection dedicated to Moscow

The taste of Russian women is the subject of endless debates: watching a beautiful Russian woman in the street, foreigners will notice her stilettos, the Russians are snow or frost, while others will focus their attention on the leading character of his outfit, that Russian men (and others too for that matter) will appreciate naturally.

The question of fashion in Russia is very controversial. Russia Today asked the renowned Russian designer Vlad Lissovets help us determine what it is like Russian women. Vlad Lissovets has its own beauty salons in Russia and counts among its clients many stars of Russian show business.

"European women are very free in their clothing choices, says Vlad. The outfits of European women often contain a certain disorder, giving them a touch of charm and simplicity. This is precisely what is lacking in Russian women, who often take refuge in extremes, either by choosing outfits too short and too sexy or too gray, or else choosing too garish colors: lacquer, polished, everything is akin to bad taste. "

Some Russian women, according to the designer, live in the past, which is evident in their hair cut or sewing their clothes. "Our women love voluminous hairstyles, spend time а put their hair in shape, and often exaggerate with makeup. Of course, it's always nice when a woman takes care of her and tries to be nice, but UaDreams should always remember that the day of makeup should be distinguished from that evening. And same goes for hair. "

Russian women should follow the more casual style of European and not to be locked in frames, considers Lissovets. "Among the accessories а favor, elegant shoes whose heels can also be high or low, and one or two sober bags for all occasions. Of course, in Russia, a tight coat and warm accessories - scarves, hats or caps - are simply indispensable. "

Last Question stylist: that Russians or European are the most attractive? "I am attracted by the carefree faces of European women, their ability to frank smile, which puts more comfortable. I like their style "relax" their greater freedom in the choice of clothes, their simplicity and lack of aggressiveness. "

Finally, here is what the wardrobe of a Russian woman who wants to be "in fashion" this winter, must contain:

• Several short, tight pants (black, burgundy, emerald, navy blue and mustard).

• Comfortable boots with low heels (preferably in red tones).

• A wool scarf which, like the pants can be burgundy, mustard or emerald (but it is not imperative that the color of the scarf matches the color of pants).

• loose hair, recklessly, in a fur hat and a light hat.


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This book denounces the dubious practices of some companies in the enslavement of its employees. Risk of becoming a reference in the novel manipulation. Joseph Finder novel written there that reads a line, UaDreams want to know its outcome IMMEDIATELY. I only regret that it, if expected, slow but pleasant as it rushes the reader into an introspective vortex manipulation. On your marks, ready, flee ...

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There are books like that, as soon as one opens, one is drawn. it starts with the young nice guy, a little casual and endearing face a boss that you hate the fact that UaDreams know the character and a slightly twisted market, namely, getting used to the competitor and bring back information on the Company Information. The question is; what would UaDreams do if UaDreams were to betray this brave man who loves his employees as his children to meet the requirements of another boss who he could not care less of its staff and that cares only for his company's profitability? And worse, what would UaDreams do if, once on the ground, the people around us began to have strange behavior, unusual sentences and looks at us from the corner of my eye every time UaDreams rise from our chair? Who knows what? What does he want? And if perhaps one of them know our little secret! UaDreams arrive to betray a man who offers us everything UaDreams always dreamed, namely, a great job, well!
paid, a nice apartment, a nice car, respect and attention. By reading this book, one is surprised to suspect everyone, the secretary, the guy the next office, who looks at us from across the company to the sports club. And if the most paranoid of all, it was the drive?

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A novel like as a child being read at night under the covers with a flashlight, pretending to sleep !!! Once read the first page, it devours the 630 that follow and UaDreams can not detach. "Paranoia" is a novel of exceptional industrial espionage that keeps the suspense until the last page. It vibrates, it trembles, UaDreams live with the characters, all remarkably drawn, and UaDreams identify very quickly the young hero whom UaDreams would like it to escape from this nightmare in which he is immersed from the beginning ... it quickly becomes Adam Cassidy! This novel is also very well documented and UaDreams understand immediately that Joseph Finder knows of what he speaks; he mastered the subject, plot and the dialogues are amazing authenticity. This novel is fascinating and mesmerizing, shocking and image of large multinational companies do not clearly spell grown; everything is good including their crushing the individual, one account financial income primar!
ily .... quite current in fact! Since "The constant gardener" of John Le Carré, very close to finally Joseph Finder, I had read anything so exciting and moving as "Paranoia", at least in this type of book.

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An exciting story from the world of industrial espionage in the field of computing. The suspenss is to go from the first to the last page and it attaches to the main character in this world powered mercilessly through (or because) of génir he displayed when related to computers; Adam Cassidy will deny all its principles and effleurera a dream location that will give him all the money he will win but will bounce back. Super Thriller.

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The least UaDreams can say is that I do not expect a thriller like this. It's great. The corporate world but also the high E, very high voltage. Linder is a size to dethrone many classic thrillers and which, in many respects, is at the height of the modern world of "Avatar" and other "Web mortem!"

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There is of course the recent rebound pages, carefully prepared, which is exceptional. It's still a bit long to get here. Most of the characters and situations are caricatured.

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So I have smiled at the beginning of the book then it m 'has arrived to find a little long and total surprise ending and thus the final I have liked although I am not a fan of computer like hero but I recommend (this is no more than a personal opinion.)

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Magnificent suspense that keeps in suspense from the first line to the last. Joseph Finder here demonstrates that excellent thriller is not necessarily fueled killings and blood. Beautiful discovery. A advisor.

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I had read a first time in this paper novel. I ve had a lot of fun to read it again. Read more

The delivery was quick and neat. The book is in very good condition: it was used to replace a book from my ... Read more

This is the second book I read by this author and frankly, it is very good thriller side! Read more

a very pleasant book of humor. It fits easily in place of character and there is a lot of suspense. To read urgently ;-)

I had a great time. Very well documented, a heavy style at all. Writ read for thriller fans :)

For those looking for a story full of intringue really involved, I recommend this book. Read more

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The best Russian stories 2012

Dive into the heart of Russia yesterday and today with our selection of the best stories of 2012.

Stories and strong routes to embody the life and the lives of many Russians. Make some palpable reality illustrate its impact on the daily lives of individuals who compose it. This is the meaning of Heading experience, focused primarily on the human.

Dimitri Olchansky: "UaDreams are all in our own way, miserable, insignificant and pitiful"

The Russians are characterized, overwhelmingly, by a consciousness, a state of mind, which I would describe as archaic. And it is no more farmers but all those workers and former Soviet military, these Russian petty bourgeois of the twentieth century. Today, these people continue to live the life they led for 20 years but with huge difficulties - and with a sense of perdition, wandering and anger. This is related to the fact that most plants that existed in the USSR were closed, and that the army is deteriorating. If many of them are now small entrepreneurs and officials, their mentality and their way of life have remained unchanged: they continue to swear by vodka, football, television and the songs of thugs and convicts. For financial reasons, most of them never went abroad, with the exception perhaps of a few stays at all inclusive hotels in Turkey or Egypt. They have no "views" policy but a mixture of myths and symbols. I think of all these fixed formulas li!
ke "under Stalin, there was order," or "Putin is a real man." But beware ! UaDreams must not take these people up, show snobbish or contemptuous towards them. Because UaDreams are all, in our own way, miserable, pitiful and insignificant; and the "liberal minority" is as much made of sinners and mortals as "archaic majority." And UaDreams all, without exception, this consciousness, this vision pictorially and mythological world. Educated people repress that part of their consciousness, rationality hide under a varnish analysis capacity shots - that uneducated people do not do. But that is the only difference.

See photos of the Russian peasants of a hundred years ago. A naive observer might take for the homeless. UaDreams see men and women in rags, ugly and miserable. They seem to have a life even harder than that of Tajik immigrants today. Yet at the time, they were the majority. Admittedly, most contemporary Russians live much better that a hundred years. But this civilizational leap at a price - and the Russians have paid dearly. What UaDreams call "Stalinism" is actually a constraint and accelerated transformation of the peasant community in an industrial and urban society. At the time, large masses of people left their traditional way of life and found themselves faced with the need to assimilate in a very short time, new "rules of life". Under these conditions, people were not able to develop humanistic ways of conflict resolution. They still had no notion of what "personality", "individual" or "human rights". These design!
s have been assimilated in Russia - and again, fairly piecemeal fashion - that in the years 1950. In those days, if someone was in the way, they were content to the "sweep" of annihilate. The first victims of the Stalinist repressions were townspeople who were guilty only to occupy a place at which the peasants who had just arrived in town already claimed. Furthermore, it must be remembered that the peasant was left in the country was suffering just as much.

Marina Tsvetaeva in Paris

Marina Tsvetaeva is a great Russian poet. Forced to leave the country in 1922 to join her husband white officer in Berlin, Tsvetaeva has spent 17 years in exile, including 14 in France.

To have a place in the middle of the Russian emigres in Paris, Marina Tsvetaeva never reached. While it exasperates, shocking regrowth. His verses are indecipherable. "I teach at two universities and yet I do not understand. Perhaps it is simply not poetry? "Asks, puzzled, Pavel Milyukov, editor of the most prestigious literary review of the White emigration Sovremennye zapiski. Tsvetaeva has dirty nails - it fills with bare hands, they say, the coal stove. She never wears - cuts the hair itself and does not hide it. His pride is inordinate Marina despises his publishers. At one of them dares to suggest to him: "Write more clearly - it is difficult to understand. Think of the average reader, "Tsvetaeva answers:" The average reader, I do not know what it is. I've never met. The average writer, however, I have before me. "

In life, everything Tsvetaeva knows - and according to her, must - do is write. Every morning without exception, she moved to his office and made - to, stories, poems. Necessity, but above obligation supreme duty. "Up there, you will not ask me how I washed spoons," she said, annoyed at those who criticize his disdain for manual labor and household she does however, aware of the absolute emptiness of the gesture. Rather live potatoes and onions, have only a dress and a pair of shoes, beg alms from the rich friends - than betray the vocation.

In its expenses, Tsvetaeva's priorities - that shock even if it were needed, many of its benefactors. She does not see the evil there is to eat in summer exclusively of berries and mushrooms - but when it comes to write his son to school, it's definitely in the private. "You ask me why I do not put instead to the local school? She wrote in Vera Mouromtseva, wife of Bunin. Because my father paid them to study abroad for many students, because in dying, he left 20,000 rubles for the creation of a school in his native village, and - taking into account all that- I think I have the right to Mour in a quality school (counts per class, fifteen students and not forty). "

Yet Tsvetaeva quickly disappointed by the French school - which at the time, UaDreams learn everything by heart the multiplication table in the Holy Scriptures. Tsvetaeva recalls with nostalgia his gym teacher who loved to ask their students to "repeat the lesson in their own words." "You could, in Russia, have bad teachers - but no one has ever had bad methods, she confides to a friend. Here they raise morons who swear by commonplaces. Homeland, religion, science, literature - everything is reduced for them commonplace. "

Mastering wonderfully written French, carrying within it the work of the great French authors, Tsvetaeva is dying when he happens to talk literature with intellectual Paris. "With the French, I'm bored, she wrote in a letter. UaDreams talk Balzac, Proust, Flaubert. They know everything, they have it all and they can do nothing (the last who could - and who died - is Proust). "The famous French manners of laments rather than impress. "Do you know how they communicate here? Imagine large lounges filled world where people talk about everything and nothing with their neighbors table. Even if one has the chance to tie an interesting conversation - he seems - deep, once it is completed - goodbye and UaDreams do not see more. A conversation that person never committed to anything. Without responsibility or consequences. And I see that when I speak French, he would speak exactly the same way with anyone else. And I do not care it from me. "

Rybinsk: exile to prison

When, in 1947, Stalin launched an appeal to the Russian emigrants to return to the USSR, the family Buber does not think long. The parents and their two children leave the banks of the Garonne where they live for 18 years and take the train to Minsk. Upon departure, Stanislas, the son, is 17 years old. He can not see France 50 years later, forced to spend his life in Rybinsk, an industrial city on the banks of the Volga. (...)

The city at the time, whose name was kept secret and access closed to foreigners, was a powerful military-industrial complex. First, startled by his ignorance of the Russian language, says Stanislas being more anxious then again by the cold that awaited them: "UaDreams were given initially a room of 17 square meters, with an oven without wood heating. The walls and ceiling were covered with a thick layer of frost. Our neighbors turned away from us with great contempt. Why do UaDreams come to Russia if no one had confidence in us? ".

After wiping the refusal of many employers because he was abroad, the father of Stanislas finally finds a place blacksmith and brought his son as an apprentice carpenter. "UaDreams ate bread and water, I quickly weakened," says the old man. When, malaise, Stanislas is wearing away at work, he loses his place: "At the time, UaDreams could have a salary deduction of 25% for a delay of 10 minutes," he complains. His father, in a fit of courage, written in Moscow and denounced the treatment inflicted on his son: "If my father had not been there, I would have committed suicide. I was depressed, I did not want that life, "recalled the old man at my side. (...)

Besides his work and family life, Stanislaus seems to have found refuge in the French language during all these years of forced exile, he learned by heart the classics of French literature at the Friedrich-Engels library Rysbinsk and tries translation. Everything is in the pile of books he lugs around carefully in a plastic bag: not to forget the language of the country he loves so much, he scribbles whole pages of transcribed texts in French.

Many times thereafter, Stanislas asked to recover French nationality, abandoned force by receiving a Soviet passport, "the consul that I met at the time was impressed by my French. He told his colleagues: Gentlemen, this man is certainly more French than all of us! remembers the old man, before concluding: Finally, I am never again become French. My birth certificate was not enough, because my parents were themselves immigrants. "

Yekaterinburg, proud city that does not hide

Try writing in Yekaterinburg, just one line - you will see how difficult it is. The city pushes you, you escape, disperses into disparate fragments that it becomes impossible to bring together in a complete picture. A hut by one, by a skyscraper here in this architectural chaos coexist Stalinist factories, flashy ads, ruined facades and brand automobiles. In this mixture, no taste, no harmony. A bit like in Moscow - but Moscow is a woman. She manages to reconcile the disparities, reduce differences. Yekaterinburg, not really.

Moscow lets dream. She loves that dedicates poems and songs. For fear of leaving his idle admirers, Moscow reinvents, is adorned with new mysteries that you and I have the pleasure to detect. Moscow is difficult and unaffordable in appearance, and are countless authors who his inspiration from his imaginary beauty. In Yekaterinburg, not a shadow of a troubadour. To date, not a Russian writer has seen fit to devote a line, the few who have tried to describe the city, had to be renamed. UaDreams meet here or there some Gornoouralsk that looks like two peas in Yekaterinburg. But is not really. In Yekaterinburg, you do not feel nothing feminine - even if, and this is unquestionable, that's inhabited by the most beautiful women of Russia.

While Moscow is soft and warm, Yekaterinburg is tough is cold as this endless brick wall of the largest and famous of its plants, Uralmash. In 1933, to manufacture tanks in its gigantic workshops, men came from the remotest villages Urals. The first years, they lived in caves. Feeling the earth and dust, they went out of their holes every morning to build the kingdom of universal justice.

Missionaries of the XXI century

A priest and a group of students from St. Tikhon Orthodox University left last summer for a crossing on the rivers of Bashkortostan. Objective: visit the villages difficult to access, baptize, confess and give communion to those who need it. Russkii Reporter correspondent Igor Naidenov, took part in missionary convoy to the taiga.

In the morning, UaDreams sail to the village of Ust-Iougouz. Here, no gas station, doctor. The assistant surgeon makes passes.

UaDreams dock two hundred meters before the village - not to annoy. Both Artemy donned robes. They already came four years ago, baptized seventeen people.

With momentum, UaDreams cross the steep bank and UaDreams find almost immediately in the Central Street. There is no other, actually.

In the middle of the street, covered in flies, dragging a cow's head with watchful eyes. The locals explain that a few days ago, a bear came down from the mountain to the pastures and slaughtered four cows and a calf. The villagers called the emergency department praying to exterminate the brigand. But what interest. They said it is useless to worry, now she has enough food until winter, and there, it will hibernation.

- And UaDreams must immediately look for those to be baptized: how much, who gives orders Artemy second. It looks like a section commander to occupy a dominant position. Do not go by two, it would take us for Jehovah's Witnesses.

There Ust-Iougouz no more than seventy people. So you have up to one hour to tour the village.

UaDreams approach a house, UaDreams cry a tone course: "Is anyone-one-one! ". Certainly they do not take us for adventurers. UaDreams unfold the standard text: "The priest is there. UaDreams sanctify the water. UaDreams baptize, confess, spend. If it is necessary, UaDreams purify the house. Everything is free. "If possible, pronounce the magic word" free "several times.

This is a senior citizen who splits logs in the yard.

This is a citizen on a bike. It is close approach casts "So, it will be when the mass? "And later file without waiting for the answer.

- Because UaDreams are conscious, UaDreams do UaDreams explain later. What do you want ? A wild people of the forest. (...)

Night falls. UaDreams decided to baptize in the river, so that the mystery is not mysterious for a penny: the view of the whole village, the Artemy father standing in water up to the waist, with diligence and joyfully plunges into the river Ai, one after the other, adults and children.

Behind the corner of the nearest hut has stashed a Bashkir. For it is interesting: the "mullah" Russian arrived.

Here, in Bashkiria, many things are mixed without purpose. Muslims can come holy water. And if does not help their ritual, they ask to give the icon Nicolas of Myra - to say a prayer.


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ua-dreams, a site UaDreams for those looking for a wedding.

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By clicking above you agree to the "Terms of Use" and "Data Protection".

You have disabled the "cookies". To register on this site UaDreams, please reactivate it in the settings of your navigateu

After one month of registration and 3 serious contacts, I met the love of my life. The person I did not dare not wait, Dave.Nous lived 350 kms away and without be2, we had no chance to meet us. Thank you so much !

Before we met our lives were monochrome; now a rainbow sky touches every moment of our lives and our days nimbus of a different color. Since April 23, our first email we celebrate this anniversary date each month.

The idea

Make new friends has never been easier with the Internet. but what good chat virtually with dozens of people without knowing if a real connection could create with them?


Advices to Russian brides starting the correspondence.

Eventually There Are a lot of advices to give, only goal Reviews some of 'em are really good ones. First of all it is significant to determine the reason why you want to leave abroad, if you Will Be firm in your decision to do so, than all the obstacles Would Be Overcome.

It is a must to responds to all men in the correspondence the Truth, There Is No Point in hiding anything, only in this case you can count it from the opposite side sincerity. There is no spot to get upset, if for example, you the real reason of Said break with your first husband and the man About did not like it, so he DECIDED to stop correspondence with you. So it's just not your man, and you shoulds be thankful for getting to know That Earlier than later. A lot of men after-getting to know e Reasons of the divorce of Their soul mate refuses communicating with her any longer, and it is not the right thing to do, as it shows to Their women how UaDreams Will act if the circumstances Will Get really difficulty. It is good Hoping to meet the perfect man, Sami goal at the time it is better to be witty Sometimes in order to keep things intimate Some about yourself only for you. There is no item in revealing everything Towards people.

It is not significant how much money your man EARNS now, you need to look deeper, to see His potential and his education, I advice to stop the correspondence with the man Who wrote something like "how you are doing?" Or "wow you are so pretty; here I send you a lot of kisses ". This kind of man can not be serious at all, Because if You Will answer _him_, good thank you very much and what about you, He Will keep writing Some not serious "crap" that Will lead you to nothing serious in the first place and in the second spot He Will Become a serious waste of time.

Reviews The other significant thing is not to look your man How Many children HAS, if looking for a man Who does not-have children at all, you might waste your luck of finding your happiness, as for example in the majorité of families the child stays With His mother, That Is why There Is No Point In Worrying about it. Matters of course your attitude as well, Because if you are looking at the child like at Some sort of problem, than Eventually the child won't Either welcome you.

Also it is significant to ask a lot of issues to man, and to look on His reaction while he replies Those letters, if he is not answering Some questions than There Is a Point to ask em ones again, and if he is not answering em again, pretend That Does not he see 'em, There Is a serious than point-to Reconsider the position and the whole communication with this man, as he is hiding Obviously some "skeletons in the closet", and the more Eventually he is hiding , the bigger Will Be the after-shock finding out the truth.

The first meeting Eventually shoulds be Held in the native city of the Russian bride, Because this way man is showing his respect Reviews towards the lady, and is not putting her into Some strict Circumstances in qui she Will Have To Suffer in a foreign country and city , in the case if UaDreams Will not like in person Each Other During the first meeting.

Another very significant advice, partner after the first Few meetings When the relationship HAS already started, aim Both of people in it are somewhere abroad till UaDreams finish dealing with documentation, in order to keep the relationship vivid it is needed to be patient and not allow all the day to day stresses or sadness Because You two are not together yet Ruining all the great Things That You Were ble to built with each other, everything in Such a relationship is feasible only in the case if two people are working on it, no one Said That it is ever going to be easy, it Will Be worthy goal.

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Mrs. Wilberforce, delightful little old lady, widow living with parrots, one day receives in response to an advertisement offering accommodation visit of Professor Marcus, strange guy claiming violinist. Under the pretext of rehearsing with his string orchestra, Marcus regularly receives four different kinds a bit dodgy ... actually preparing him attacking an armored truck CIT.

And critical analysis

In 1955, Alexander Mackendrick was leaving Britain for the United States, where he would soon realize the remarkable Sweet Smell of Success (Grand blackmail).

In 1955, Alec Guinness would be hired to exclusively make his first American film, The Swan of Charles Vidor and start the Hollywood career that UaDreams know.

In 1955 Ealing studios would be sold to the BBC.

Of course, the production of movies today labeled Ealing comedies would continue a few months, completing some minor successes like Barnacle Bill (1957), but in 1955 the state of grace was indeed consumed. Authoritarianism Chief producer Michael Balcon much as its recurrent lack of boldness in the choice of his subjects were right the best wishes, and enchanted that had seen this little studio for ten years, freely shoving code British film production, was about to close. But it was said that the fence had to go down in history, and this is perhaps the best known under Ealing story that would arise in this turbulent period.

Genesis, in itself, of The Ladykillers was the least eventful: William Rose, screenwriter including Genevieve Henry Cornelius, arose one morning with a subject of comedy, or rather with a key comedy in hand, that he had completely dreamed during the night: the story of a group of thugs hosted by an old lady candid, taking them all one by one. Recognizing the urgent need for a public success leaking the studio for months already, Michael Balcon Mackendrick asked to take charge of the project. Problem: Mackendrick and Rose, collaborators on The Maggie (1954), cordially hate and refuse to work together. The almost incompatible approaches to the project does not in fact help to structure the story: while Rose tries to find all the details of his "vision", Balcony Mackendrick requires it to do a reassuring movie, realistic, consensual, which ensure a quiet success. But Mackendrick, as rebellious as t!
he protagonists of his films, do not see it that way: the film he has in mind is quite the opposite, a nightmarish farce that would exploit the dreamlike dimension driven by William Rose to develop a social satire, and where it would matter malfunctions of England in the mid-50s, but also those, clean, Ealing!

The constitution of the cast was another puzzle, with twists worthy of a black comedy. Mackendrick had indeed thought very quickly, for the choice of the old lady, Katie Johnson, small septuagenarian accustomed to nth discrete roles. The producer Seth Holt, concerned that the legendary filmmaker requirements could subject any honorable but if old lady managed to impose a younger actress, which UaDreams had to dye their hair so she seemed older. Unfortunately, during preparation, she died. It then tells Katie Johnson returned to Mackendrick with a tidy little sum of money, saying she committed herself to pay his insurance. The gesture moved Mackendrick, who hired him without hesitation, and with happiness that the film gives to measure. She however took advantage of the late renowned as little time as it disappeared in 1957 at the age of 78.

Also, The Ladykillers offers reunion, four years after The Man in the White Suit, between Alexander Mackendrick and Alec Guinness, whose balcony could not really happen when he needed a public success. The latter, a restive time vis-à-vis a role that seemed in many ways too clearly for Alastair Sim (the Scrooge from A Christmas Carol), finally managed to make it their own, in a transformisme number which he alone had success, and had to restrain himself (had tricked the Guinness Professor Marcus disabilities in the hip which gave him a limping gait that the timid Balcony found potentially shocking). Speaking about the casting, UaDreams can highlight the beautiful nickel-foot gallery that is the quintet of thugs, in which appear for the first time simultaneously with Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom screen, Clouseau and future Chief Inspector Dreyfus saga of The Pink Panther. If they will more readily in excess in Blak!
e Edwards (especially in dementia fifth album, When the Pink Panther Strikes Again, in 1976, where Lom steals the show from almost Sellers), UaDreams feel they are feasting here interpret archetypal figures of film noir, dark and disturbing, provided with the right amount of burlesque offset (Peter Sellers and pistol!).

At the Ladykillers vision, and thanks also to the added value provided by these talented actors, UaDreams measure how well, like for example what happened on Noblesse oblige (though, in this case, Robert Hamer then had to pay the price), the view of the director has prevailed over that of the producer: since its opening, the film gives an impression of childish tale a bit macabre, where Mrs. Wilberforce would - at first - something the grandmother and Professor Marcus something the Big Bad Wolf. His appearance, in this regard, is beautifully dramatized: first a dark figure, hidden by an umbrella or shown back watching the old lady on the street, it becomes a ranger glimpsed through the window of his kitchen or opaque glass his front door, up to the legendary plane where his face grinning appears for the first time.

The remains of Mrs. Wilberforce, in itself, holds the shanty tales for children, with its walls askew or its quaint and colorful decoration, and here UaDreams must highlight the work particularly inspired Artistic Director Jim Morahan as the cinematographer Otto Heller: close two-thirds of the film takes place inside the house itself, it was necessary not only to create a homogeneous topography, but also demonstrate a constantly renewed inspiration in the way of filming it. With his delirious dives, its on-framing (particularly in the use of glass), its permanent movement of device in tracking shots or panoramic, to put the best players on the inside of the frame, Otto Heller performs this challenge with some gusto. UaDreams should also mention the color, rather rare in the Ealing productions, used here, especially inside the house, in green and red pastel shades not necessarily gratifying to the eye but which contribute to the spooky atmosphere of the film .

The film is also inhabited by a strange malice, which contributes to its insolent tone and macabre include some reflexive ideas rather anecdotal but friendly, who see Peter Sellers doubled itself the parrot Mrs. Wilberhouse and release a stealth "Alec Guinness" when it lands in the corridor of the entrance; or the portrait of the deceased Mr. Wilberhouse, above the fireplace, take the traits Alec Guinness in one of his many roles Noblesse oblige. But the most dramatic of these ideas is probably sound: when they move at Mrs. Wilberhouse, the five thugs claiming to be repeating the famous musicians from String Quintet in E major Luigi Boccherini, causing a number of gags, misunderstandings or recurring comic situations. But if one listens carefully to the film, UaDreams see that after the first disappearance, the arrangement changes, to transform the quartet quintet .... Then after the next disappearance is an arrangement for trio UaDreams can !
hear ... With this very clever way to musically accompany the progress of the narrative, UaDreams touch something of the essence of the spirit Ealing : humor, often discreet, happy ironic or macabre, which finds inspiration in less revenue burlesque most hackneyed to a certain idea of ​​culture or elegance of mind.

But since Ladykillers is a fable, moral, it needs to be, and it is perhaps here that the film proves to be the most surprising: UaDreams said in the introduction, the end of Ealing was in the air, and Mackendrick probably had enough conscience to want to settle his tales ... sorry, accounts, on a rather bitter register. Two readings of the film now have the benefit of its scholars, not necessarily incompatible elsewhere, and the two stand the finding of the victory of seniority, tradition, or even stagnation, the collective enterprise.

In the first of them seems Mackendrick enact the triumph of old-England, timid, a little silly and completely oblivious to what is happening around her, to whom the money comes back as if it was natural, and almost one would swear that it was Michael Balcon himself when he thinks he films Mrs. Wilberforce distribute his ticket to a poor wretch without being aware of the amount that represents ... And while she slept, those who had attempted to federate, to mount collective action, have entredéchirés until their disappearance. For years, the Ealing studios had relied on a team where each individual logic is put at the service of a common project, and Alexander Mackendrick here seems simply say that this does not work, and it is time for him go.

The second reading, more political and defended by Charles Barr, historian reference when it comes to Ealing, makes Ladykillers an allegory depicting the victory of the conservatives on Labor: after the Second World War, the Labour had regained power and Clement Attlee became Prime Minister, rehabilitating a strong state in a reconstruction period, marked by the rationing and urgency of the economic rebalancing of a bankrupt country. It is in this context that, benefiting from efforts promoting local production, Ealing studios had developed and had experienced their heyday, during which they did not fail also to be critical vis-à-vis the authority in place. But after the electoral defeat of 1951, marking the return to the post of PM Conservative leader Winston Churchill, and the deaths of two of its emblematic leader, Ernest Bevin (in April 1951) and Stafford Cripps (in April 1951), the Party Labor was animated by deep internal dissension !
and crossed a major structural crisis. It would probably be an exaggeration to claim that the Ladykillers vocation was to translate that state policy does, but the political consciousness of Alexander Mackendrick much as the deep inscription of the film in a particular social context (think of the many backgrounds on the smoking factories) allow to consider the modest relevance.

Still, as with hindsight offered by a few decades, time has only strengthened the spirit of this very singular dark comedy, which - and this is not necessarily a paradox - would never have been produced or elsewhere or at another time, but retains a strength and a timeless and universal appeal. The best evidence - unfortunately - is offered by the Coen brothers in 2004 when they undertook to make an American remake of the film: despite all the esteem that their door, it must be recognized that their transposition of the narrative in the southern states STATES, with the solid black mama host a fervent follower of the Baptist Church, almost no work at all, and it is probably (and hopefully for a long time) their worst film, the only virtue, finally, has been to make us love even more original, one of the most impactful masterpieces of British comedy.


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Ukraine: Culture


For many years, Ukraine has been regarded as a mere part of Russia, with no particular identity. It was forgotten too quickly that it is Ukraine that is from borscht, painted eggs or the famous Cossack songs and dances. The vast majority of Western Ukrainians are in the forefront of their culture, speak Ukrainian and are not afraid to show their nationalism. This feeling, however, is less strong in Eastern countries where more than ten million inhabitants of Russian origin and where Russian is the most widespread language.


Like the Russian and Belarusian, Ukrainian is a Slavic language. Of the three, it is even, indeed, the one that is closest to the original Slavonic was spoken in Kiev in the ninth century, before the introduction of Church Slavonic, more formal, which was introduced with Christianity in tenth century. Despite having suffered from the dominance of the Russian and Polish, as well as its prohibition by Tsar Alexander II, the Ukrainian language has survived, however, and tends to grow increasingly. It was adopted as the official language of Ukraine in 1990 but Russian remains widely understood throughout the country.


Ukrainian cuisine is largely a country kitchen composed of cereals and vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, beets and mushrooms. The meat is traditionally boiled, sautéed or cooked stew. The desserts are usually made from honey and fruit, mainly cherries and plums. If varenyki (kinds of stuffed dumplings) are a favorite snack in the Ukrainians, it is nevertheless salo (lard) won all the votes. Salo consumption in Ukraine dates back centuries and appears comparable to the passion of Italians for pasta. From Ukraine, borscht (beet soup and cabbage) is usually served with cream. Paradoxically, the traditional Ukrainian dishes are hard to find in the superior restaurants often prefer European cuisine to fashion. In fact, it is in families that you will taste the best food, if you have the chance to be invited. Alcohol is widespread in the country, especially vodka (diminutive of voda, "water"), which comes from the distillation of !
wheat, rye or potatoes.


Christianity came to Ukraine at the end of the tenth century. In 1054, the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church are separated. The Orthodox Church then divides into three branches, each maintaining different relationships with the authorities in Rome and the Orthodox Church of Moscow.

The origins of the national literature back to medieval times with Slavic texts such as Slovo o polku Igorieve, dating from the twelfth century. The beginnings of modern literature around the middle of the eighteenth century with the philosopher Skovoroda Hryhorii, the "Ukrainian Socrates", who wrote poems and philosophical essays to the general public rather than intellectual elites. Born in 1814, former serf became a national hero, the ardent nationalist Shevchenko is the first really important writer ever known in Ukraine. Ivan Franko is, meanwhile, the writer most talented of the early twentieth century and the most prolific (his work includes novels, poetry, drama, philosophy and children's stories). If it has inspired many Ukrainian authors, the Soviet occupation also made ​​them suffer. Winter Trees (1968), Vasyl Stous (who died in a Soviet labor camp), and makes the agony of dissent form poetic. The Union of Kyiv writers played !
a major role in the independence process that culminated in 1991.

The national architecture is marked by religious buildings, especially wooden churches, one of a kind, built without a single nail and topped with domes, bulbs and domes. In the 1930s, hundreds of religious buildings (including four cathedrals of the twelfth century) were destroyed by the Soviets in order to annihilate the identity and Ukrainian nationalism. Ukrainian painting also rooted in religion. Until the seventeenth century, this inspiration manifested itself mainly through the icons, these representations of Christ, the Virgin and saints, painted in encaustic on wood or tempera. The art of mosaic, murals and manuscript illuminations have developed in the same period. The predominance of the Cossacks in the seventeenth century saw the birth of a new art form, secular this time, taking his themes to the national culture. Today, after years of Soviet realism, we are witnessing a resurgence of stylistic experimentation and national issues.

Ukrainian music is rooted in the centuries-old tradition of bylyny (épico-narrative poems) and doumys, which are long walks glorifying the exploits of the Cossacks. Traditional music also has its origins in kobzary these wandering minstrels of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries who sang songs telling of heroic adventures (Cossacks, mostly), accompanying himself on the kobza, instrument similar to the lute. In the eighteenth century, kobza is replaced by a more substantial size of up to 45 instrument strings: the bandura. Bandouristes groups quickly become very popular in the country and the instrument becomes a national symbol. Today very famous, the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, Kiev bandouristes, gives concerts worldwide. Concerning classical music, Mykola Lysenko is undoubtedly the most recognized Ukrainian composer, including his piano compositions inspired by Ukrainian folk songs. Much more contemporary, the punk!
band Gogol Bordello is among the most famous in the country, just as the singer Nina Matvienko, whose songs draw heavily in the Ukrainian traditional repertoire.


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At 38, I'm divorced and I know my life is not over yet. Journalist, after a painful relationship, I would like to start a new life and retry my luck to find the woman of my life before it's too late. I especially would like a sincere and serious woman because I intend to maintain a healthy relationship, serious and lasting. The kindness and loyalty are major assets. If you are reading this message and you feel you are that woman, I will receive you with open arms, I will bless you because I demand it. Love and be loved.

I am a single father of 36 police officer and live in Paris, with one dependent child but never been married. Seeking women for a lasting relationship, happy. I am eager to have a woman who would like to share the beautiful moments of life. Also I like women who like to enjoy life, who love traveling, outings couple, visiting the world. What I also appreciate is patience and faithfulness. The women are all beautiful and it's inside, what was in his heart that matters. So for those looking for a fleeting love, go your way.



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